Labour shortage felt all across Europe

The European Commission is hoping to mitigate regional and industry-specific labour shortages with the launch of a new mechanism to encourage migration from third countries like India to the European Union.

The commissioners for home affairs and employment and social rights announced a Labour Migration Platform, which will bring together experts in both policies to build bridges between migration and employment to address this challenge faced by European economies.

“Many companies in the EU struggle to find workers with the skills they need,” Commissioner Nicolas Schmit

“Skilled workforce is missing across Europe,” Gerhard Huemer, economic policy director at SMEUnited told EURACTIV.

In France, around half of the companies recently surveyed by the largest French employers’ association CPME were trying to hire. Of them, 94% say they struggle to find the right fit – or any candidates, for that matter.

“With more than 250,000 vacancies, we have an all-time high and employees are urgently needed everywhere,” said Julia Moreno-Hasenöhrl, deputy head of the department for social and health policy at the Austrian economic chamber.

Polish companies most acutely feel the shortage in the construction industry. This industry had to face a very different kind of exodus of migrant workers when many Ukrainian construction workers living in Poland left to defend their country against the Russian invasion. However, Europe does not only need the traditional “high-skilled workers”. Some of the sectors hit hardest by the labour shortage are the Construction sector, as well as tourism and gastronomy.

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