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Manpower First is a one stop manpower solutions provider. Skilled & Semi – Skilled workers for small and large scale companies, globally. We match International hiring companies with the most suited employees.


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We are willing to take bold action to achieve the extraordinary.

We have been trusted advisors and consulters to the worlds foremost organisations since 1987, and we continue to uphold the principles set by our founder and CEO.

Initial Approach

Hiring company approaches us discusses their workforce requirements in detail.


Our team searches and matches the most suitable candidate who fits the requirement.

Interview & Selection

Documents of shortlisted candidates are sent to the hiring company for selection.

Skill & Medical test

Selected candidates are tested and examined in their area of expertise and medically tested.

Visa application

Our team prepares all necessary documents for visa applications and immigration clearances.


Candidates with approved visas sign agreements and depart to their job destination.

Tailor made Manpower solutions for Asia, Europe & Middle East!

Demand for workforce from India is growing at a rapid pace globally. Manpower First strives to fulfil all categories of requirements. Ready to recruit?

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